January 5, 2017

Welcome to the Kin API


At long last, we’ve released Kin’s API. It’s a way for organizations to get data into and out of Kin without using the app itself.

This comes as great news to all of our tech-minded customers who’ve been waiting to put their employee data to work in all kinds of interesting ways.

Kin sits at the middle of your workplace app ecology – it’s called a system of record because it is ultimately where the newest, most accurate employee information resides. That means there are all kinds of ways to streamline your operations – from adding new hires automatically, to getting calendar and time-off notifications into your Slack channels.

What’s exposed via Kin’s API?

Kin’s API 1.0 exposes primary employee data points (name, address, etc.), employee time-off data, and we’ve completely opened up company calendar data objects.

Getting employee data into and out of Kin

You can pull data from or push it to Kin, which means you can add a new employee directly from your applicant tracking system, like Workable, or you might want to send time-off balance data over to your payroll provider at a regular interval.

Using Kin’s Calendar

Pulling the time-off events submitted in Kin to show who’ll be out of the office in another application, like Slack or a resource management tool like Harvest Forecast. Likewise, all Kin’s company event data is exposed, so adding reminders about going-ons at your company via Slack is all possible now.

Getting started with our API documentation

A few details about Kin’s API: it’s restful, and you’ll need to get yourself primed on three-legged oAuth which is the way you’ll authenticate with Kin via the apps you build.

Head over to our API documentation to dig into specifics and please let us know if you have any questions, requests, or ideas for improvement.

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