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Spend less time managing time off.

Starter League of Chicago, Illinois

Manage employee time off with Kin.

One of the least organized aspects of the modern workplace is managing employee time off. Companies everywhere use email, spreadsheets, and sticky notes to play the game of requesting, approving, and tracking time out of the office.

Using Kin’s paid time off tracking system means that all time-off policies (vacations, holidays, sick leave, etc.), employee time-off requests, and approvals are centralized in one location. No more email. No more ‘he said, she said’. Employees can view their balances, review the team calendar, and make informed decisions about when to get out of the office for awhile. Meanwhile, employers let Kin track balances, accruals, carry over, and refresh dates.

vacation tracking software

Kin's Vacation Tracking Software Can Create A Policy For Every Scenario

Create unlimited time-off policies for every type of employee leave you have, from vacation to sick time to conferences.

  • Accrue time-off over time, or give it all at once.
  • Specify custom refresh dates.
  • Set up work schedules and Kin will intelligently calculate time-off around them.
  • Carry time over, and expire it if it goes unused.
  • Apply policies to any combination of employees.
set up vacation policies

Delegate Approvals To Managers

With the new Manager role in Kin, non-HR staff can manage the time-off requests of other employees without having access to other sensitive employee data.

manage time off requests

Lindsay, Programmer

I’m thinking of taking some time off Sept. 9-13. Do you think that works?

Ka Wai, Tech Director

Looks like that works for the team and our project load. Approved! Have a great trip!
Ka Wai

Employees View & Use Their Time-off

Employees have a beautiful time-off page which lists available balances, time-off requests, and a history of all previous time-off activity.

Time Off
Time Off

Team Calendar

With Kin’s team calendar, employees can view the calendar before requesting time off, and managers can review the calendar before approving requests.

time off request calendar

Export Time-off Data For Payroll

Select a start and end date to export time-off balance changes to sync your payroll system with Kin’s leave management system.

export vacation data

“Kin has given me back countless hours of my time. I can execute HR tasks with ease.” –Vince Cabansag, Director of Ops at Starter League

No more spreadsheets & emails. Use Kin's vacation tracking software to track your company’s time off.

With Kin’s free 7-day trial and easy pricing of just $5 per user/month, you can get your entire team more organized, informed, and on top of their time off. There’s nothing to install, and you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Other features Kin offers:

  • Employee Paid Time-Off Tracking
  • Team Calendar
  • Employee Data Management
  • Employee Self-Service
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