January 12, 2018

Three lesser known Kin features that save a lot of time

I remember the day I learned what keyboard shortcuts were all about. The entire world opened up to me and I felt I could now go through my workload at record pace. It’s always exciting to come across changes in technology that help you continue to be the office superhero you are.

We’re constantly improving here at Kin and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. With that being said, here are three different features in Kin that could save you time and energy.


Company Tools are bookmarks or quick links to your company’s commonly used online tools and portals. Think login links to project management tools, benefits portals, payroll logins and more – all in one place and easy for new and existing employees to find. Tools are an element of the onboarding feature in Kin and once created, you’re able to assign them to new hire’s on their onboarding setup page.

​Go to Company, then Tools and click on the Add New Tool button. Then add a title, image, description and login URL. Then click save.

Now, head over to the Team tab and go a new employee’s profile. You can add tools to their onboarding setup page by clicking Onboarding Set-Up in the navigation there. You’ll see all of the tools you have created within your system and choose the ones used by that individual employee. You can also do this for existing employees, too! Add as many as you’d like.

Here’s what it’ll look like for employees once it’s set up on their Onboarding/Getting Started page:

Custom Fields

A lot of companies need to store employee data which is unique to their business, employment laws, or specific country. Custom Fields is the perfect way to do that.

When you create a new custom field, Kin adds a new category with any number of sub-items to your employees’ profile pages. Similar to how Emergency Contacts and Bank Information are currently being handled, Custom Fields allows you to create and track any type of information you need.

To set up a new custom field, click the Company Tab then go to Custom Fields. First, create a new category. Next fill in the items related to that category. With each item, you’ll be able to store additional specifics later under the employee profile pages. Hit “Save,” and you’re ready to go. Here’s a just a few Custom Fields we’ve created below as an example. You can have unlimited Custom Fields to track any and all data you need per employee. We’ve even see folks track team member dog names!

Next, visit any employee’s profile page and toward the bottom you’ll see the new category appear, ready for you to start tracking specific information and details. Custom fields are global. They show up for every employee. However, they’re completely optional, so you don’t need to complete them for every employee if they don’t apply. When there’s no information added to a custom field category, the employee doesn’t see that section. Employees only see custom fields when there’s info to display.

Common Holidays Set-Up

Setting up company holidays to coincide with your paid time off policies is a snap in Kin, no matter where you live. You can add custom holidays that are for your organization at any time by going to the Company tab, then scrolling under the time off policies then clicking Add Custom Holidays.

If you want to add a bunch of common holidays specific your country, you can in one fell swoop versus adding them all individually. Simply click the Add Common Holidays link and choose the country you reside in (or the country that the policy will be set for) and then choose the year. Kin will bring up all national holidays and you’ll be able to choose the ones your company’s take as holidays. When you click Add Holidays, all chosen holidays will be added automatically and then you can choose which policies they should affect. Once the holidays are in, you can also adjust the amount of days your team gets off for each one.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you’ve found while using Kin to help save time? Share them with us below!

Three lesser known Kin features that save a lot of time

I remember the day I learned what keyboard shortcuts were all about. The entire world opened up to me and I felt I could now go through my workload… Share this:FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedIn

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