Founder Stories

Small & mighty companies building better tomorrows.

Our heroes are small, mighty companies building unique, crafted experiences for their customers and employees. They work to create something new, something engaging, something of true value to their communities. This series is dedicated to a couple companies in the Chicago area doing just that: proving that small and mighty is the new black.

FEW Spirits of Evanston, Illinois

Craig Bryant & We Are Mammoth

In early 2012, our team at We Are Mammoth needed to grow. We needed coders, designers, and an administrative team to support both. So we got busy meeting, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding folks for the next ten months. Unfortunately, our hiring process was pretty unrefined. In order to make the most of the talented people joining our team, we needed to create an excellent onboarding experience to get new folks briefed and wired into the team.

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Is completion bias affecting your work? What it is and how to overcome it.

Push the send button. Click publish on a blog post. Close the sale. Archive the support ticket.…

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"Onboarding is less about time and more about results." #KinChats


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