Kin’s HR Partner Program.

Kin hearts PEO’s, independent HR consultants, and HR consultancies. You have clients that need Kin, and we have a platform that’ll help you unify your services and increase your value to clients.

When you bring your clients to Kin, we’ll make sure you get the acknowledgement, training, and support you need to make it worth your while and, of course, do whatever it takes to create an excellent experience for your clients.

What’s in it for you

A unified service offering for clients

Using a single solution for all of your clients means less guesswork, and more productivity for your team. That means the upstart of each new client decreases, and you see a quick return on your initial investment to get them up and running.

Your clients will appreciate it too. They get a professional, accessible-from-anywhere tool that makes them look good and empowers their employees, and that builds trust in you, their partner.


You get paid for each account you bring to Kin. That means as your client base grows, so does your commission from Kin.

Many PEO’s and HR consultants pay for their client’s accounts. In that case, we’ll apply a discount directly to those accounts and you’ll get paid that way.

Fame (and hopefully more business)

We spotlight one partner per quarter on If you’re the one, we’ll send you an interview via email. You’ll send us a response, along with some pictures and logos. We’ll post it, and you’ll get exposure on a site that garners more than 30k unique visits a month.

That means thousands of small and medium sized companies will see you, learn about your services, and hopefully give you a jingle.

Training and insights into the product

We’ll make sure you and your team are trained in the art of setting up your clients, answering their questions, and helping them get rolled out. To do so, we’ll invite you to quarterly meetings where we’ll give you information on how Kin’s been doing and how we see you playing a role.

You also will have an inside track on where Kin is headed as a product, so you know what new services and focus you’ll be able to offer your clients.

What’s in it for us

We get business, and a bunch more

You love Kin enough to spread the word and get your clients using it. That’s awesome. In doing this, we gain not just new customers, but a dedicated stream of insight from your experiences.

We get your help as HR professionals

We have HR questions from time to time. We’ll reach out occasionally to get your thoughts on compliance, best practices, and ideas for how Kin can better support you.

Ready to get set up?

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, let’s talk. Drop us an email at and let’s get moving.