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This founder story is from a young legend here in the Chicago area. FEW Spirits makes whiskeys and gins that win awards around the world. They grace the shelves of thousands of bars with their beautiful bottles and even more beautiful contents. They have seven employees and a small production facility in Evanston, IL to do it all in.

There is nothing mythical about building a successful company like FEW. There is no stroke of profound luck. As you’ll hear, it’s hard work with a clear vision, talent, and disciplined personnel. The result is a product that’s true and distinct. It’s also friggin’ delicious.

Enjoy this story of FEW Sprits as shared by founder and master distiller Paul Hletko.

About this series

Our heroes are small, mighty companies building unique, crafted experiences for their customers and employees. They work to create something new, something engaging, something of true value to their communities.This video series is dedicated to a few companies in the Chicago area doing just that: proving that small and mighty is the new black.

{Director and Co-Producer: Corbyn Tyson of Frank and Harvey, Director of Photography: Matt Youngblood, Photographer: Brent Knepper}

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