Kin HR and Employee Onboarding Software

Onboard well, and keep your hires longer.

Kin creates a personalized onboarding process for each new hire.

Effective onboarding means your new hires start work informed and prepared. It means your entire team works efficiently to get them ready for work on day one. It means happier employees and less money spent on recruiting, training and, of course, onboarding.

Kin’s employee onboarding software acquaints new hires with your company and tells them exactly what they need to do to get ready for the new job. Likewise, Kin automatically sends tasks to team members who play a part in getting your new employees up and running.

employee onboarding software

Manage Tasks for Everyone

Set up your company’s onboarding tasks once, and Kin will automatically send them to your team each time you add a new employee to your roster.

onboarding tasks for new employees

Keep Track of Paperwork

Use Kin to share and track all employment documents with your new hire, and Kin will notify you when they’re completed and ready for your review.

Send files to new hires

Meet the Team

Introduce the people your new hire will be working most closely with by linking them to their beautiful bio and job description pages.

Introduce new hires to team

Important Tools & Resources

New employees learn a lot in their first few days. Remembering where everything is isn’t one of them. Link them to the tools & resources your company uses most.

Manage Onboarding Tools

“Done are the days of multiple services and processes to manage our onboarding and records.” –Darren Marshall, COO of Doejo

Use Kin to onboard your next hire. For free!

With Kin’s free 7-day trial and its easy pricing of just $5 per user/month, you can try it out on your next new hire and experience what a big difference good onboarding makes. There’s nothing to install, and you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Use Kin, and you’ll also get:

  • Employee Paid Time-Off Tracking
  • Team Calendar
  • Employee Data Management
  • An organized, efficient workplace
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