The idea for Kin

  • What are our company values?
  • Who does what here?
  • Where should I go for lunch?

In 2012 we built a new hire onboarding tool for our growing team that answered many of the questions a new hire might ask (where to go for lunch, who’s who, company values, etc.).

We called it Starting Point, and its success within our company inspired us to build the product we know today as Kin: a digital workplace tool used by organizations around the world who know how valuable an efficient, proactive workforce is.

The Kin mission

Kin's mission is to improve employee wellness at organizations of all sizes.

Cinnamon Toast
Small Businesses
Fresh Tilled Soil
Growing Companies

Engagement and fulfillment at work shouldn’t be a nice to have, and we know that by helping organizations become more desirable places to work that we’ll not only be improving retention and profitability, but we’re helping employees around the world get more out of life than just work, work, work.

Who we are

Kin is a small, self-funded company living what it preaches. Our team is fully remote, and we think it’s a pretty cool opportunity to help our customers, who are companies just like ours, build, grow, and improve.

Lisa Arnold COO
Craig Bryant Founder, CEO
Grant Black Director of Engineering
Ameer Mansur Security and Infrastructure Manager, DPO
Tom Stanley Software Engineer
Paul Kizior Software Engineer
Gage Salzano Design Director
Melissa Benzo Customer Advocate
Anthony Bruno UI Engineer
Olurotimi Aganga-Williams Front-end Developer
Lacey Mathews Senior Project Manager

What we're working on next

Kin's word of the year is "proactive."

To do that, Kin itself needs to be more proactive by putting its data to use and serving as more of an advisor than a utility player. We’ll be expressing Kin’s proactivity through out the year, starting with some long-needed improvements to our time off management tools.